Keep These Points in Mind When Moving Yourself

You are planning a move and have already ruled out using the services of a moving company. The movers quoted you a budget-busting rate, well beyond your budget. Two other options are available — moving yourself by renting a truck or moving yourself by loading up a storage unit or smart box and having it hauled away for you.

Renting a Truck v. Using a Storage Box

Renting a truck for your move means working with a company such as UHaul, Penske or Enterprise to acquire a vehicle for your move. Typically, you will call around to the different providers in your area, ask for a 21-foot truck, and find out when it will be available and your rates. Here, you will load and unload the truck, drive it, pay for gasoline, purchase extra storage materials and return the truck in one piece.

Using a storage box means you are moving yourself as well, but there is one important distinction: the transfer of the box to your new location is handled by someone else. You will still load and unload the box yourself, but a flatbed truck will be sent to your home to pick it up and transport it to your new residence. Furthermore, if you need to have the box stored for a few days to several months, you can do that too explains Smart Box Storage.

Renting a Truck

If you plan to rent a truck, you need to find one that suits your needs. Most trucks come in two or three sizes — choose the one that is right for you. Your moving truck should have a ramp, straps, protecting material and allow for someone to ride in the cabin with you. You may be charged an extra fee to allow for a second driver. Both drivers must be licensed and insurance may need to be purchased.

A rental truck may be ideal for the person who enjoys making a move from point A to point B. Just keep in mind that your truck may have a governor restricting your speed, require premium grade gasoline and require you to pay the tolls. Add your projected costs to your known costs to determine what your total outlay will be.

Using a Storage Box

A storage box is another option, one that has it dropped in your driveway for you to fill at your own speed. You can have a box in your yard for days even weeks before you move. When the box is filled and ready to be transported away, then you make a call and a truck will be sent to your home.

With a storage box, you don’t have to be a licensed driver because you leave the driving to someone else. Furthermore, the box can be emptied at your leisure too. You can’t say that about a rental moving truck because time is of the essence and it must be emptied and returned at once.

Moving Supplies

Regardless of what type of moving service you choose, you will need moving supplies to help you get the job done. Save money here by acquiring boxes on your own. Typically, you can find what you need by visiting most any home center, supermarkets, big box retailers or a local shop.

Try to get a variety of sturdy boxes to suit your needs. Boxes of all sizes can help. You can also pick up packing peanuts and foam, color tape or labels, markers, scissors and anything else to help make your move a successful one. Local rental shops have hand trucks, what can be ideal to help you move those big ticket items.

Before you pack, purge those items that won’t be going with you. Chances are you own more stuff than you need to keep. The excess can be sent to a charity — just make sure you get a receipt for income tax purposes.

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