Ideas to decorate your garden with bicycle wheels

Ideas to decorate your gardenIf we can use all kinds of things you have at home, decorate without spending money and in turn take care of our planet by recycling…. why not does it? Whatever we do for the planet is always smaller than that sum, and one result is save money on home decoration…. the success of the concept is secured! Today we suggest that you think about decorating your garden using old bicycle wheels. Sounds a little strange, but look what good is this idea.

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We can use them for simple things but that will add his touch to our garden. Of course this idea is a bit risky, but I think it’s worth trying.

We can build a fence to our garden or organic garden.

We can also hang the wheels is a wooden wall and decorate it well we can use as a support for our vines.

Another idea is to arm mounts in the center of our garden or in the flowerbeds and climbers that we go slowly rising to the wheels. Along with the wheels, the plants will give a nice decorative effect in our garden.

And you, you encourage you to use it?

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